Slovak-Hungarian Rectors’ Forum and HRC Plenary Session was held in Presov, Slovakia

The Slovak Rectors’ Conference (SRK) and the Hungarian Rectors’ Conference (HRC) organized jointly the first Slovak-Hungarian Rectors’ Forum, which was held  in Presov in the Evangelical College, on the 11 October 2018. The main objectives of the meeting between the two rectors’ conferences were to expand and further develop cooperation of Slovak and Hungarian universities and to deepen collaboration and promote opportunities in the field of education and research in the two countries.


Dr. Marek Šmid, President of the Slovak Rectors’ Conference and Dr. Józsa János, President of the Hungarian Rectors’ Conference inaugurated the Forum with their opening remarks.  A greeting speech was held by Peter Krajňák, State Secretary for Education of the Slovak Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport and Dr. Horváth Zita, Deputy Secretary of State for Higher Education, Ministry of Human Capacities and Haraszti Attila, Consul General in Kosice.

During the second part of the forum, the presentations provided information about the structure and activities of both organizations, and the Slovak and Hungarian higher education system. The speakers also focused on very important topics, such as current issues, challenges and achievements of universities in the field of legislation, research and innovation, international relations and autonomy.


As the conclusion of the Forum, a joint resolution emphasizing the cultural and social values ​​of higher education and the relevance of innovation had been agreed upon and signed by the parties. This resolution will serve as the basis of an intensified cooperation between the two countries in the university sector.


On 12 October, hosted by Dr. Péter Kónya, rector of the University of Presov, the HRC held its Plenary Session in Presov.

Dr. Zoltan Maruzsa, Deputy State Secretary for Public Education, Ministry of Human Capacities informed the plenum on changes in the regulation of public and higher education.

The main focus of the following presentations was the internationalization of higher education; both Dr. Judit Lannert, researcher, Dr. Attila Jenei , Director of International Education Coordination Center at Debrecen University, and Dr. Zoltán Dubéczi spoke about international relations, scholarship programs, international events, being a current important topic for many Hungarian universities.

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