Kazakh-Hungarian Rectors’ Forum at the Corvinus University of Budapest


The first Kazakh-Hungarian Rectors’ Forum with the participation of 24 Kazakh and 25 Hungarian universities’ rectors was organised by the Kazakh Embassy and the Hungarian Rectors’ Conference on the 28th February 2018 at the Corvinus University of Budapest. Dr. Kairat Abdrakhmanov, Foreign Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan has opened the event with presenting Kazakh developments in the past decades. The forum was also honoured by the presence of Bibigul Asylova, Vice-minister of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan who has put focus on the Kazakh educational development programs in her speech.


After a comprehensive review of the two countries’ higher education systems, the delegates of the universities have pointed out concrete possibilities of Kazakh-Hungarian cooperation in their presentations, such as student mobility, scholarship programs and other internationalisation initiatives.


At the forum, legal frameworks for further cooperation opportunities were created by the ceremonial signing of 12 Memorandum of Understanding documents of 8 Kazakh and 8 Hungarian universities, and additionally, dr. Yerlan Sydnykov, president of the Council of Rectors of Kazakhstan and dr. József Bódis, president of the Hungarian Rectors’ Conference, have signed a cooperation agreement during the ceremony to promote higher education collaboration between the two countries. The signing ceremony has been closed by the formal gift exchange of dr. Yerlan Sydykov and dr. József Bódis. On the 1st of March many Hungarian universities have welcomed delegations for site visit, which gave an opportunity to carry out bilateral conciliation about their concrete collaboration.


Budapest, 2 March 2018


Akhmetov Berik, Yessenov university – Education hub for Caspian region

Tibor László Alpár, University of Sopron

Márton Bélik – Kazah-Hungarian Higher Education Relations

József Bódis – Hungarian HE system

Csépe Valéria – Új utak a megújuló felsőoktatás minőségbiztosításában

Zoltán Dubéczi – Strategic importance of student mobility

Mádai Ferenc, University of Miskolc

Serik Omirbayev, NKSU

Serik Omirbayev, NKSU (Russian)

Ferenc Szávai – Kaposvar University & Kazakh Universities 2018

Zhasulan Shaimardanov – EKSTU

List of participants


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